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App with added Heating Control

imageThe Prepago app is an essential part of the prepay service delivery process as it eliminates the need for inconvenient and expensive single use in-home-displays [IHDs], there are no more top-up card replacements or the expensive administration of special keys.

This is the next generation of prepay as the App approach offers new more efficient methods for customer care. This allows easier administration and of course better data delivery and presentation through the evolving feel and layout of iOs and Android apps ecosystems.



Remote Control

The apps can control the heating appliancesensuring that householder can take practical energy management steps to maintain an optimum home temperature.The system can remotely change the on and off times for the heating system. This adds a Boost mode, an Out mode and an Away modeto whatever controls are already in place - all of which can reduce energy use by up to 30%.

Prepay system in a mobile phone

The consumer logs in to the system and is immediately given the main information required to run their prepay system; their account status and how much was used in the last 24 hours. Three buttons are shown for topping up, an IOU service (so there is no need to buy a top-up if inconvenient and a Frequently Asked question button to explain all parts of the App.

Better service

Top-Up allows the consumer to either top-up instantly by bank transfer, credit card or over-the-counter through a payment network. The system is designed to operate within the [ISO 8583] protocols for card based financial transactions. In practical terms to support Networked Heating Scheme operators Prepago offers a service through Paypoint ensuring a national top-up network close to home.

Payment Network map

As payment networks are widely dispersed and are subject to change the Prepago prepay for energy solution includes a map feature to enable a consumer to check for a top-up location wherever they find themselves. In order to avoid the problems of lost, damaged or forgotten top-up cards we include a "barcode on screen" option which is widely used in retail outlets.

Full Accounts System

Account History is found in the App which cuts down on the administration and support required to consumers from Heating Network operators. This shows the consumers top-up history.

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