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The Prepago Core

imageTo the operator the Prepago Core is a website which allows them full control of the system. We let them know exactly how the system is operating.

Prepay Energy option

Our web, smartphone and SMS based system is designed for the ease of use for the end user and the building operator. This makes it the most practical system on the market today.


Best Value

We are confident that our customers will be able to get the best value and most competitive pricing on the market because we work with the widest range of equipment suppliers in the district heating sector. Designers of systems are free to design using the widest range of equipment to deliver the most reliable and efficient schemes with low carbon emissions to meet Part L requirements and exceed the changes required in the latest building regulations.

Prepay District Heating

Prepago requires a digital metering; which can be networked using one of our family of SCU systems and matched with an actuator valve to deliver the full prepay experience without any wall mounted or bulky wired boxes. Thus providing a trouble-free design environment, and assisting the installation and operation for installers and designers. Contact for a free site survey and more information.