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Prepago Prepay Solution

imagePrepago prepay for energy solution puts the consumer at the centre of the system; gives them control of their heating and removes the bill shock later. This changes the relationship of the system provider with the resident instantly. There are no more arrears, debts, collection issues or decisions to remove from service – the consumer is in control.



It is not about cutting people off - we offer the widest range of assistance:

  • IOU – repayable at next top-up
  • Cutting off only during working when top-ups are available
  • Text warning of low and no credit

As the operator you need Customer Care options and with Prepago you get a complete selection of ways to help residents and consumers:

  • IOU – repayable at next top-up
  • IOU – repayable over time
  • Credit grant

As the system is delivered by mobile phone; there are no boxes on the wall to break or get broken or tampered with and no stigma of special prepay equipment or cards for payment. The consumer is given the dignity of choice as to how and when to pay for their heat.

We offer a range of options to pay -

  • Using a local Paypoint outlet
  • By Monthly Direct Debit or Standing Order
  • Online Payment 24hrs a day
  • In app on mobile phone

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